Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Workout

Here are some tracks to bust a move to this fine wednesday.

First off if you havn't already heard Paw-Traks, it's my little side project at the moment. All the tracks on our myspace are just ideas in rough demo form, but they still groove, I promise.
Paw-Traks - Fresh Prints Demo (ZSHARE)

I just got this instrumental disco take on the Primary 1 classic "Hold Me Down" put together by Rory Phillips.
Primary 1 - Hold Me Down (Rory Phillips Disco Dub) (ZSHARE)

You know I love Studio. Everything they have anything to do with is amazing to me, and Iwould hope it's the same for you all.
Studio - West Side (Klumpfisk Remix) (ZSHARE)
Raziek is pretty much the man. Nothing gets my heart pumpin' faster than his tracks. Pure adrenaline, and I would expect nothing less from his new project entitled GTO.
GTO (Raziek & Cerebral Vortex) - Busted (ZSHARE)

Keeping it on a thumpin' note, here's a track from Mochipet... WORK IT.
Mochipet - Sharp Drest (ft. oonceonce & Eriksolo) (ZSHARE)

Santogold just dropped her first full length, go Santy!
Santogold - Lights Out (ZSHARE)

Heres a nice one from the Mystery Jets to round out this here post.
The Mystery Jets - Diamonds In The Dark (ZSHARE)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I mentioned our "Summer Mix 08" a couple posts ago, I've thought about it, and it was rude of me to not elaborate a bit more. So today I whipped up this lil' teaser...
Neon Coyote - Summer Mix 08 Teaser (ZSHARE)


Tuesday's Tracklist

I've been in contact with Team Everything for a minute now and all that's come out of it are a few of my new favorite songs, one remix which is having some final touches put on it at the moment, and the songs I presented to you before. There's a Neon Coyote vs. Team Everything remix brewing as well. For now, Alex dropped off this minimix...
Team Everything - Team Mix (get it direct from his killer website HERE)

I just put this little edit together yesterday, pretty basic, more thumpy (RIP).
Throbbing Gristle - Walkabout (Neon Coyote Edit) (ZSHARE)

Kid 606 hasn't been in my listening rotation for ages, but this past week its made a comeback.
Kid 606 - If I Had a Happy Place This Would Be It (ZSHARE)

This is the end of this post, Dirty South style.
Dirty South - The End (Arno Cost Remix) (ZSHARE)


Van She - Strangers (Van She Tech Rework)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekly Mix 5: Sticky Days and Steamy Nights

Hot off the rendering block comes Chico's installment once again. Shit is as banging as a hot and sweaty summer mix should be. So shed some layers and shake that ass across the dancefloor while we get freaky in this bitch, pardon my french.

Weekly Mix 5 (Sticky Days and Steamy Nights) (ZSHARE

1. Dega Breaks - All Night (Tronik Youth Remix)
2. Headman - Catch Me If You Can (Tronik Youth Remix)
3. Hot Chip - Colours (Remixed by Fred Falke)
4. The Millioners - Body Into Use (Russ Chimes Remix)
5. Glass Candy - Etheric Device
6. DW - You And Me
7. PonkRocks - Yeah
8. Walter Meego - Girls
9. Audio Bullys - We Don't Care (Buffalo Bunch Night Train Mix)
10. OrtszRoka - Planets
11. Grand National - By The Time (Round Table Nights Remix)
12. BMX - Theme To BMX
13. MARRS - Pump Up The Volume (Yuri Remix)
14. Altair Nouveau - Cosmos
15. Black Kids - Dance With You (The Twelves Remix)
16. Daft Punk - Nightvision
17. Lil Wayne - Fireman (Acapella)
18. CFCF - Sogni Rossi
19. Tek Box - Move Your Hips
20. Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
21. Loud Pipes - Marrishy Sax
22. Parallels - Dry Blood
23. Parallels - Magnetics

Keep an eye out for the official Neon Coyote summer mix dropping wherever, whenever...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not So Weekly Mix 4

Soooo I've been really lazy lately, kinda out of it.
But that's all gonna change now.
I got a new job, and the weather is nice, so it's time to hop to it.
Now hop to this:
MOCIAS Weekly Mix 4 (Alternate Universe)

I know it's a few weeks late, but it's well worth the wait, per usual.

Babatunde Olatunji - Jin-Go-Lo-Ba (Drums of Passion)
Tom Sawyer and Ricky Stone ft. Roland Clark - Tropical Storm
Bizarre Inc. - Playing with Knives (NROTB 2008 Remix)
Datarock - FaFaFa (Miami Horror Remix)
Leif - Black Magic
Classixx - Cold Act Ill (Extended Mix)
Chic - I Want Your Love (Todd Terje Edit)
Donald Byrd - Love has Come Around

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I would like to be the first to use this graphic, and also to thank the man that made it for us.
Visit Eric Circa 1981's website, then add him on myspace.
Aside form that, here's what I've been listening to today:

Crookers, because he makes me bounce.
Timbaland ft. One Republic-Apologize (Crookers Remix) (Zshare)

Tek Box, because I havn't heard anything this good since Fred Falke remixed Ladyhawke.
Tek Box - Express (Zshare)

The Teenagers and Mondkopf, should do this more often.
The Teenagers - Love No (Mondkopf Remix) (Zshare)

Spitzer is going to take over, this song is on repeat.
Spitzer - Rainbow Warrior (Zshare)

BMX, the band, not the bikes. It has yet to be decided which one will be cooler in the end.
BMX - Theme to BMX (Zshare)

Captain Crunk is my form of an apaology for not doing a weekly mix last week. No worries though, because John made one today, and it will hopefully be posted tomorow! This mix is a liveset from Afterlife (THNX KissATL)
Captain Crunk - AFTERLIFE MIX (Zshare)

The War On Drugs just put out a free Ep. Download it, don't be hatin'.
The War On Drugs - Buenos Aires Beach (Zshare)

Last, but certainly not least in my book, is a blast from the past. This track was made on Final Cut Pro, a video editing program. Some of the beats are a bit off, but we didn't have any way to beatmap back then.
Neon Coyote - Pumpin' Like Tic-Tocks (cerca 2005) haha. (Zshare)

Stay tuned for Weekly Mix 4, coming a week late, but well worth the wait.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quiet Village

Quiet Village = sampled nostalgia influenced by old films/music producers.
Read about them and their upcoming album, "Silent Movie," HERE.

Quiet Village - Circus of Horror
Quiet Village - Free Rider
Quiet Village - Pacific Rhythm

I like Pacific Rhythm the best.  
Check out their myspace for more great tracks.
Their debut album drops this summer.

Friday, April 4, 2008


They got it all, and they got it down. These guys threw us a friend request the other day and I was blown away by what I heard, so much so that I asked them to drop me a line. 
Here is what Alex had to say...

"Team Everything is me, Alex Ryan, and a rotating cast of friends who come by my studio to throw down hand claps and hoots and hollers along with the ocassional bassline. Dave (Loose Shus) and I worked together on a number of the tracks. I guess really the sound I'm aiming for Disco vs Def Leppard divided by ESG + Brian Eno."  

I can't describe it much better than the creator himself, or can I? No, I can't.  SO with more tracks from this guy on the way, I will leave you with my favorite two jams via their myspace (SHOW <3 and +++ THEM).
Team Everything - Eagle (ZSHARE)
Team Everything - The Moves I Know (ZSHARE)

Man, I'm itchin' to remix one of these!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


VDRK is one bad dude. Last week we had the pleasure of playing a gig with this mofo at Fat Baby in Brooklyn along with Electrochris
The kid's got a pretty awsome set goin' on, so make sure you see him live.
Check his blog for a good selection of random tracks.
Meanwhile, here are some VDRK jammers!!!
VDRK - Famous Friends CLICK FOR MP3

AND!!! I've been so down with The Cool Kids, lately...
The Cool Kids - What It Iz (ZSHARE)

Now, in true VDRK style, I bring you my own mini-overflow.
Cut Copy - Feel The Love (ZSHARE)
Kim Carnes - Betty Davis Eyes (ZSHARE)
SymbolOne - Mean Rocket (ZSHARE)
Islands - Creeper (ZSHARE)
8 Ball & MJG - Relax, Take Notes (Xl Dubstep Remix) (ZSHARE)