Monday, December 21, 2009

Favorite Releases Of The Year - Round 4

2009 might as well have been the year of the bedroom producer. With more and more "glo-fi" and "chill-wave" artists popping up onto blogs, it's getting tougher to sift through the warm static sand and figure out who's a talented producer, and who's making contrived, unaffected slop. Here's what the critics have to say about Gold Panda - "from somber, sample-based elegies to twitchy techno to hissy, Dilla-style hip-hop, all of his compositions manage a second-hand intimacy that's difficult to come by." The first time I heard "Quitters Raga" I had to listen to it 5 more times on repeat... and I've listened to it practically every day since then. Buy his music here.

Gold Panda - Lonely Owl

Gold Panda - Quitters Raga

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hi Tiger Christmas Mix

Hi Tiger's Christmas Mix


Walls - Burnt Sienna

Tycho - Coastal Break

Washed Out - Olivia

Kajagoogoo - Too Shy

Mount Kimbie - Maybes

Pure Ecstasy - Pressure Drop

Gold Panda - I Suppose I Should Say Thank You or Some Shit

Golden Bug - Look Look Look

Javelin - Susie Cues

Kopia - Circuit Two

Bibio - Fire Ant

Friend - Secret

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Take It In

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Favorite Releases Of The Year - Round 3

I probably listened to Real Estate more than anything else this year.  I guess that's what makes their many releases this year so good: you can listen to this stuff over and over and over again.  An instant classic the first time I heard them.  Favorite band of the year.

Real Estate - Basement

Real Estate - Suburban Beverage

More Tiger

Hi Tiger - Prima Donna

another one

Monday, December 7, 2009

Favorite Releases Of The Year - Round 2

Animal Collective really came around this year into a more accessible, beat driven side of music, which I'm really happy about.  I've always been a fan, but their newest LP and EP really changed my veiw of their music.  

Merryweather Post Pavillion was one of my top three albums of the year.  "The whoops and hollers that have previously held together the sublime, chaotic urgency of their earlier work, now signal the calm sense of euphoria and wonder that ripples through this wide eyed record. As if, by stopping for a moment, the band have caught up with themselves, looked around, smiled, and cut seriously loose."

Animal Collective - Guys Eyes

Animal Collective - Taste

Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes

Their most recent release, Fall Be Kind EP, is little more abstract and dreamy.  'What Would I Want, Sky' is definetely the standout track on the album, and contends for my favorite song of the year.  They flip around a sample of Grateful Dead's 'Unbroken Chain' and create their cleanest piece of work yet.  It's still trippy, and in an ackward time signature, but the chorus will get stuck in your head like "I Got A Feeling," though you won't mind it floating around up there.

Animal Collective - What Would I Want, Sky

Favorite Releases Of The Year - Round 1

Mount Kimbie are from the UK and have a spot on a new favorite - Hotflush Recordings.  They make music similar to Flying Lotus, Gold Panda, and Bibio.  Not the same, more bright and crisp, but with the off-kilter beats and rythyms that really make you think.  They dropped two EPs this year, Maybes and Sketch On Glass.  I'm posting the title track from both, but support these guys and get the EPs if you're into their stuff, the've been on heavy rotation as of late.

"First track 'Maybes' will be the duo's calling card for some time to come we reckon, as it stealthily shoots straight for the heart with an Earth styled comaslow guitar chord intro, which suddenly flashes into a hyper slinky post-Burial 2-step rhythm built from delicately chinking percussion and of course that terrifically muffled vocal sample that sink itself into some melancholy section of your head without fail, we assure ya."

Mount Kimbie - Maybes

"'Sketch On Glass' is the glistening opener, squirming with detailed micro-rhythmic mechanics and reflecting chrome coloured melodies from it's buffed surface.."

Mount Kimbie - Sketch On Glass