Wednesday, November 30, 2011

After Party

Maybe Y'all wouldn't mind helping me out with this lil poster competition. Just visit the link if you feel like votin' for my poster. Got the inspiration for it exiting a SBTRKT concert in Boston.
For your trouble I've posted a little SBTRKT tune below. Any reblogging or facebook linking would be epic.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Aquarius Heaven

OOOOOO talk about goooooood.
I needed to put this up here today. The electronic shaman himself.
This is just one of those songs that gets stuck on repeat.
Make sure you pick up all 3 of his 2011 Ep releases. They BUMP.
and hey, How bout that scathing review Joker just got on pitchfork eh?
Someone was havin' a bad day. I guess I forgot why I don't read their record reviews...
AND if anyone was wondering how the new Renaissance Man album turned out...
Not to be left out is the new/old/always/forever Surkin album. With jams resurfacing from
good old 2007- they are still welcome in my ears.